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                                                       Virtual Gastric Band

I struggled to stick to healthy eating and small portions to lose weight I had heard about hypnotherapy and was a little bit of a non believer and couldn't really afford it but never the less I contacted LD hypnotherapy and spoke to David who explained in detail about the sessions I would receive and the cost of the sessions, I agreed to give it a try and I always left the sessions feeling positive and willing and the results were amazing after only one week I was receiving compliments about my weight loss so I would definitely recommend LD hypnotherapy to anybody WANTING to change so a massive thank you to LD hypnotherapy

 * Hannah * Sheffield


                                                     FEAR OF OPEN WATER

"In March i was due to embark on a trip to Thailand, India and Australia, But was terrified of open water. After a few people had mentioned hypnotherapy as a possible option. I contacted David at LD Hypnotherapy for help, He was really understanding and conducted a 1 hour session.

The session was nothing like i expected (no swinging watches), i left feeling optimistic and relaxed. I left shortly after on my travels, the first part of my trip was on land so no problems. Then came crossing a river by small boat, i found myself paying getting on and enjoying the trip. It wasn't until i had got across that i realised i had done it without thought or worry and most of all without any kind of fear. I traveled Thailand enjoying the fantastic beaches, swimming and snorkelling. I am now in Australia and have already been on a jet ski and catamaran . a few months ago all this would have been impossible, just being at the waters edge would have been nerve-racking. 

Many Many Thanks."